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Friday 11 May, 2012 at 4:29 pm Scott 0

UPDATE: These positions have been filled already. Thanks for looking!

For Mother Lode I handled generation of most of the art and sound assets myself. I believe this was a mistake. Various reviews (rightly) dinged the game due to the lower quality of those attributes. I am about a month into development on my next game and believe now is the time to bring in some help. I need both an artist and a sound designer. I don't have a firm grasp as to how long the rest of development will take, but I don't want to leave it until the end.

One of the side effects of asking for help so early is that I do not have a clear picture of the project’s full scope.  I can’t yet provide a full list of required art assets and sound effects.  Hopefully I can find someone flexible that can work with a few temporary unknowns.

These are a paid contracting positions.  I am open to paying either an hourly rate or a flat project fee.  I don’t expect this to require a full-time commitment.  There may be pockets of inactivity if programming lags behind asset generation.

I also welcome the candidate to be involved in game design if it so interests them.  It would be nice to have someone that can offer ideas and suggestions to make the game better.

The Game

I am making a physics-based arcade/action game.  Everyone has to make a physics game at some point right?  No, it’s not an Angry Birds clone.

The core gameplay involves flinging objects across a playfield littered with obstacles.  Before launch, the player constructs a formation of objects.  Each object type has its own strength – some have special powers.  Once the player launches their formation they can use the object powers in flight in an effort to maximize their score.

The single player game follows players as they complete challenges to unlock the different types of projectiles.  There will also be a competitive online component that I believe will keep players coming back.

I can give more details as needed.  I’m keeping it simple for this post.

Graphic Design

Following is a list of required art assets.  This will expand as the development progresses, but represents a solid starting point:

** Art & animation for all projectile types.  This includes an “idle” flying animation (1-4 frames), a “using power” animation (a few frames – not all projectiles will have this), a “destroyed” image (might be a splat, multiple fragments, etc).  Size ranges from 32×32 to 128×128 pixels per frame.

** Art & animation for the launcher.  Somewhere around 256 or 512 pixels square.  May be composed of multiple pieces if it makes animation easier.

** Art & animation for all obstacle types.  There will be many types of obstacles in the playfield.  Most will only require a static image.  Some will have minor animation (a few frames).  Also need a “destroyed” animation for each, which might just be a static image.  Size will be 32×32 to 64×64 pixels per frame.

** Background images.  There will be one set for every level theme.  Themes might include settings such as a forest or cave.  These sets come in three pieces.  (1) A repeating ground texture plus some miscellaneous incidental elements to help hide the repetition.  (2) A horizontally repeating backdrop behind the obstacles.  Another idea is to make lots of individual elements that could be instanced over top one another to create the backdrop (trees, etc).  (3) An image to use as a distant background – this one will either not move (because it is so distant) or move more slowly than the foreground (parallax).

** Overworld image.  I’m still fleshing this one out, but it might just be a couple full screen static images.  We can have some small pieces of animation overlaid on top to make it more interesting.  These will be used to select game modes, enter the store, etc.

** Menus, buttons, other UI stuff.  Despite the short description, this could end up being a not-insignificant portion of the effort.  Especially for the online component where it needs to display game results, leaderboards, and other stuff.

Sound Design

Like the artwork, I don’t have a final list of required sound assets.  Consider these a starting point.

** Projectile collisions with obstacles.  We probably want a few variations of each depending on the obstacle material.

** Projectile powers.

** Projectile and obstacle destruction.

** Distinctive launch effect.

** Distinctive effect when a projectile comes to reset on the ground.

** Menu navigation.  Select, cancel, toggle, etc.

If you are interested and available as a contractor for either of those positions then please get in touch.

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