I’m Scott Cartier and I created Order of Magnitude Games to help release years of pent-up game development enthusiasm.

During my fifteen year career in the computer hardware industry I have always created games in my spare time.  In fact my game development roots go even further back to the days of 8-bit computers.  The Atari 800 and Commodore 64 gave me my first creative outlet with applications such as Gary Kitchen’s Game Maker.  Later, I joined Sony’s Net Yaroze program to develop for the original Playstation.  Following that I dabbled in the now-defunct NUON platform.

With the release of the iPhone and other smartphones I knew that I had found the platform to release my creative juices.  Powerful enough to realize my mental backlog of game ideas, but small enough so as to not require a twenty person team to do so.  In April 2011 I bid farewell to the ASIC industry to focus on game development full-time.

OOMGames is mostly a one-person show, though occasionally I get help from friends.  It’s slow going, but I love what I’m doing and hope I can keep doing it for years to come.